Battery Guard 2000 - 200 Amps

Product Code: BAT-116-01

£363.26 (Ex. VAT) £435.91 (Inc. VAT)

The Battery Guard constantly monitors available battery power when the engine is not running, if the battery voltage falls below 12.1v or 24.1v a voltage sensitive timer in the ECU is triggered.

If the available battery voltage remains below 12.1v or 24.1v uniformly for 2 minutes, the Battery Guard ECU provides an output that can drive a buzzer and activate a dash mounted reset switch which will be flashing.

If the voltage remains below 12.1v or 24.1v uniformly for a full four minutes, the batteries will be automatically isolated, to guarantee starting power. At this stage there will be no power at the ignition switch, the vehicle operator must press the flashing reset switch and then start the engine within the four minute timer period.

Battery Guard also offers the vehicle operator the ability to manually isolate the batteries via the Battery Guard reset switch.

Specification Technical Information
  • Automatic low voltage battery isolator
  • Guarantees starting power - vehicle will start first time, every time
  • System test on start
  • Provides a means to manually isolate the battery
  • Ignition/Alternator protected - unit overridden when vehicle engine running
  • Fully waterproof Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
  • Delphi Packard IP67 waterproof connectors
  • Constantly monitors available battery power when the engine is not running
  • Manual override switch to enable vehicle starting
  • Optional speech module that will announce “driver warning low battery, please start your engine”
  • Approved by Paccar, Iveco, Scania, Dennis & MAN
  • Easy & quick to install
  • Available in 12v and 24v
  • 'e’ Approval EMC 95/54/EC

Nominal operating current12v24vReverse voltage protection to-800 volts-800 volts
Actuation current5.6 amps2.8 ampsPositive voltage protection to+150 volts+150 volts
Minimum actuation voltage9 volts18 volts

Maximum continuous carry200 amps200 amps

Maximum (30 seconds) carry current1200 amps1200 amps

Ambient temperature range-40° to 85°C-40° to 85°C

Normal input voltage range10-16 volts20-32 volts

Contact life at full loadmin 10,000 cyclesmin 10,000 cycles

Standby current< than 1 milliamp< than 1 milliamp

Short term over voltage protection to+24 volts+36 volts

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