MCS-8 Universal Controller

Product Code: UNI-EIG-002

£318.20 (Ex. VAT) £381.84 (Inc. VAT)

The MCS-8 Universal Controller consists of a main control box which contains everything required to control a vehicle mounted hazard warning system, typically comprising rooftop lighting, secondary hazard warning lights and audio equipment. It has 4 high power outputs, 4 dual purpose inputs and medium power outputs and 6 dedicated inputs. It also includes power management functions including run lock, split charging, load shedding and headlight flash, plus many more, some of which may be implemented  by listening in to the vehicle CAN Bus system. It also features a logic switch module to facilitate the control of auxiliary add-on devices such as: a Gateway Radio Controller, Audio Interface Controller and Fan Controller.

Operate the MCS-8 through one of our range of fully compatible hand held or dash mounted switch units and you have an economical hazard warning control system that does not compromise on features or functionality.

System Intelligence
The MCS-8 is usually supplied as an unprogrammed unit. Free PC software for setting up unique configurations, user manuals and training are available on request. Also once a satisfactory configuration has been created it can be transferred to any number of units.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)
We have developed a collection of switch units specifically designed to interface with the MCS-8. They range from a 7-way switch unit through to a 16-way flush/DIN mount unit, with a range of combinations in between. Handsets have the facility to operate a Public Address (PA) system via an integral microphone and the option to allocate any button to operate the Push to Talk (PTT) feature.

One Source, One Solution
In order to simplify the installation process each unit is supplied fully loaded with all the necessary features and functions to implement a comprehensive system. Simply enable the required function via the ‘easy to use’ software.

Logic Functions
An abundance of logic functions means complex applications are no longer difficult to implement, particularly where certain operations are interlinked with others. The ability to alter functions allows continual client synchronisation.

System Configuration
A simple 3-stage process which entails enabling and labelling inputs and outputs, configuring the system operation and downloading the application onto the unit. This operation need only be done once, when completed it can be simply be transferred onto other units via a laptop.

Click here to view the full range of compatible handsets and switch units.

Features & Functions Software Operational Modules Dimensions Data Sheets Links

8 Outputs:
• 4 Hi Power Outputs
- 20 Amps per channel
- Current limiting
- Multi flash patterns
- Timer shutdown
- Voltage drop out
• Medium Power Outputs
- 2.5 Amps per channel
- Positive & Negative polarity switching (configurable via software)
- Can also be used as inputs
- Ideal for monitoring or special functions
- Drive relays
- Small motors
- Monitor outputs
• 1 diode pair built-in for headlight and/or tail light flashers
• Output to data logger
• Electronic Fuses
- Electronically adjustable
- Electronically tripped

10 Inputs
• 6 dedicated and 4 shared inputs
- 10 positive inputs (configurable as negative via software)
- Software configurable

Multi-Way Switch Options 
• Universal Multi-Way handset can be fully configured using the MCS software
• Single or up to 4 handsets

Serial Data Port 
• USB programming port

CAN Data Port 
• Listen in to vehicle CAN Bus
• Link to RSG complimentary devices such as a lightbar
• Link to other industry standard devices
• Link with legacy equipment

LIN BUS Support
• Optional LIN Bus compatible devices

User Interface 
• 16 illuminated status indicators
• Indicates flash pattern
• Communication status
• Provides output status
• Green - OK 
• Red - Over current
• Amber - Low voltage

Current Ratings
• Complete system 100 Amps (including 7 Amps for siren operation)
• Bank A: 40 Amp (Siren, Hi Power O/P 1, Low Power, O/P's 1 and 2)
• Bank B: 40 Amp (Hi Power O/P's 3 and 4, w Power, O/P's 3 and 4)
• Bank P: 20 Amp (Hi Power Output 2)

• 12/24 volt operation
• 100 Amps total output

• 3 year manufacturers warranty

100 Watt Siren (optional)
• Supports 8 or 11 ohm speakers
• Can be enabled from an input or handset
• Air horn input
• HRT positive or negative activation
• Multiple siren tones selected from software
• Monitor signal active when siren on
• PA and radio re-broadcast facility with adjustable volumes
• UK and European sounds
• City Mode volume reduction feature
• Workshop mode volume suppression feature for testing
• Sounds when low voltage detected (optional)

Load Shedding Module
• Via internal or external monitoring
• Automatic in conjunction with other equipment activation

Fan Control Module 
• Control up to 4 intake/extractor fans
• Reverses power supply to fans

Saloon Lighting Module 
• Ideal to control internal ambulance lighting
• Manual, semi and full automatic operation

Cabinet Anti-tamper Module 
• Monitor 16 ambulance medical lockers
• Ideal for monitoring medical consumables/medicines
• Cabinet re-stock indication

Audio Intercom Controller (operates with external device)
• Announce pre-recorded messages
• Duplex or simplex intercom

Split Charge Controller 
• Monitors primary battery voltage
• Output drives charging solenoid to charge secondary battery
• Solenoid in and out voltage programmable

 Run Lock Controller 
• Outputs
- Run Lock outputs assigned in software (diodes to be fitted as required)
• Enable Inputs
- Inputs assigned in software
- From handset, handbrake, remote button etc.
- Hi or Lo inputs
• Reset Inputs
- Inputs assigned in software
- From brake light, remote button etc.
- Hi or Lo inputs

Headlight Flash 
• Dedicated outputs (with built-in diodes) to control headlights and/or complementary flashing lamps

Gateway Radio Controller 
• Automatically switches between the Main & Gateway Radio (for built-up areas) within a 30 second window for the driver to exit the vehicle
• Automatic handbrake detection

Additional features
• 16 x AND logic modules
• 16 x OR logic modules
• 32 x timer modules

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