MCS-LBC Universal Lighting Breakout Controller

Product Code: UNI-LBC-001

£76.41 (Ex. VAT) £91.69 (Inc. VAT)

A device that can expand the input and output functions of the MCS-32 Universal Controller Plus or used in conjunction with other devices to convert/increase inputs and outputs.

One application of the MCS-LBC Universal Lighting Breakout Controller is to boost the inputs and outputs of an MCS-32.

The Universal Lighting Breakout Controller takes a CAN Bus encoded signal and converts it into a set of up to 10 conventional on/off (12 volts on and 0 volts off) signals to turn lights and/or other control units on and off.

By connecting a Universal Lighting Breakout Controller to an MCS-32 you add 10 outputs, thereby increasing the outputs from 32 to 42. The inputs are also increased by 4 making a total of 28 inputs.

Specification Dimensions Data Sheets

Measuring 77mm x 77mm and only 20mm deep the unit can fit almost anywhere including such applications as:

• Inside a lightbar to convert from multi wired input to two wired CAN Bus input (plus positive and negative connections)
• Light head ‘Breakout Box’ to create nodes at front, rear or elsewhere in the vehicle
• Low cost control head to expand systems based on other ‘Universal’ range devices that would typically be the Universal Load Switch or Universal 100w Siren
• 3 year manufacturers warranty

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