FleetMotus Minimus

Product Code: DLH-423

£198.88 (Ex. VAT) £238.66 (Inc. VAT)

The FleetMotus Minimus device usually operates on a web based platform, but for organisations requiring direct control over the system a local server may be a more appropriate option. In either case the system can monitor a fleet or individual vehicles, to streamline their deployment and reduce accidental damage as well as their abuse.

Unlike the Nexu range of devices vehicle data is not collected via the OBDII connector but by hardwired connections either through 1 x Analogue Input or 1 x Digital Input, as well as monitoring signals from Bluetooth devices when required. Therefore, giving the Minimus increased functionality over the Nexu devices. Where the data is then presented as a variety of information regarding vehicle usage and how the driver of a vehicle is behaving either as an individual or relation to others.

    Price includes: 12 months sim card data, 12 months tech support and 12 months device license!

    Features Monitoring Function
    • The Minimus is a very discreet device that also has the advantage of built in antennas
    • Incorporating GSM (Mobile Phone Network) / GNSS (Satellite Navigation) and Blue tooth connectivity
    • Where Bluetooth peripherals can greatly expand device functionality wirelessly
    • It is straight forward to install and in its simplest form requires only 2 wire connections (positive and negative supply)
    • The unit has 1 x Analogue and 1 x Digital inputs, as well as 1 x Digital output
    • It also contains 2 status LEDs. Plus, it has the benefit of utilising up to a 32MB SD Card
    • Automatic Calibration (during first few journeys)
    • 10 to 30 Volt Operation - less than 2mA current consumption in deep sleep mode
    • Internal Back-Up Battery
    • Easy mount and IP54 certified case
    • Either a minimum of 2 or a maximum of 5 via coloured ribbon cable - undetachable
    • Bluetooth set-up for sensors if required
    • Voice calls over Bluetooth if required
    • Bluetooth transceiver fully compliant with V3.0 for external peripherals
    • Up to 32 GB micro SD memory card for up to 275 million records
    • Smart algorithm of data acquisition (time, distance, angle, ignition and event based) where levels can be set with firmware updates via GPRS or via secure SMS commands
    • Auto geofencing via GPS and towing detection via accelerometers to prevent vehicle theft or unauthorised movement/location
    • Tri-Axis dual level accelerometers to translate vehicle movement with remotely adjustable levels to suit vehicle type and preferred (acceptable) driving style. Also used for crash detection
    • Real time and historic tracking with speed recorded from Satellite Navigation (GPS) signal, even in high density populated urban areas or building canyons
    • 1 x Analogue (variable) inputs (could be used as digital on/off signals). Typically, could be used to monitor vehicle battery voltage
    • 1 x Digital (on/off) inputs
    • 1 x Digital (on/off) output to control external relays, indicators and buzzer, to typically provide driver feedback. Can be done via SMS and configurator if required
    • 2 x Status LEDs
    • High gain internal GSM and GNSS antenna's for 'fast' GPS fix
    • Utilises smart GPRS algorithm. sending data via TCP/IP and UDO/IP protocols, for GPRS traffic saving and roaming GSM networks

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