FleetMotus Nexu II

Product Code: DLH-310

£236.50 (Ex. VAT) £283.80 (Inc. VAT)

For most applications the FleetMotus Nexu II is a device that is usually a web based system that can monitor either a fleet or an individual vehicle to streamline their deployment and reduce accidental damage as well as abuse. However, for organisations requiring direct control over the system a local server may be the appropriate option.

As with the Nexu Lite this is achieved by collecting data from the vehicle electronic management system except the Nexu II has enhanced capabilities to obtain more information from the vehicle electronics provided it is there to collect as well as monitoring signals from sensing devices, where this is  then presented as information regarding vehicle usage and how the driver of a vehicle is behaving either as an individual or in relation to others.

Although the Nexu II has increased functionality over the Nexu Lite device, unless the relevant signals are available via the vehicles electronic management system, this device could be over specified for some applications, making the Nexu Lite the more cost effective option.

    Price includes: 12 months sim card data, 12 months tech support and 12 months device license!

    * Data is available depending on vehicles equipment, module, type and year of manufacture

    Features Monitoring Functions
    • Automatic calibration (during first few journeys)
    • 12 volt operation
    • Internal back-up battery
    • Micro SD card option
    • Smart crash detection
    • Plug and Play via OBDII port connection
    • OBDII port extension cable available when direct port connection is not practical

    As vehicles tend to be upgraded frequently, this results in Fleet Managers inevitably facing the task of multiple installation and de-installation of any vehicle/driver monitoring device. Therefore the Plug and Play concept of the FleetMotus Nexu II offers the ideal solution to this issue as it simply plugs into the vehicles OBDII port, and also has the advantage of being self calibrating.

    • Tri-axis dual level accelerometers to translate vehicle movement with remotely adjustable levels to suit vehicle type and preferred (acceptable) driving style
    • Tracking with speed recorded from satellite navigation (GPS) signal

    Vehicle Dependant Features (signals must be available to reaxd from the OBDII port):

    • Fuel threshold warning
    • Fuel level indication in %
    • Vehicle management warning light (MIL - Malfunction Indicator Light) monitoring

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