Standard Auto Recall Unit

Product Code: AUT-110

£305.30 (Ex. VAT) £366.36 (Inc. VAT)

The Standard Auto Recall Unit is a high quality public address amplifier with the facility to record and re-broadcast a message up to 45 seconds long.

The device has 2 x 22Watt 8 Ohm outputs and therefore requires 2 x 30Watt or 2 x 40Watts 8 Ohm speakers to provide optimum audio performance. Although the device may be used with a single speaker the audio output is then reduced. As the unit was originally developed to play back public announcements at a local street level when utility services would be interrupted, it is not suitable for long range use where we recommend our High Power Auto Recall (AUT-500).

The recorded message is stored on a solid state electronic memory system, which means that there are no tapes or moving parts to go wrong. This also makes the unit immune to vibrations associated with mobile vehicle applications.

The in-built auto repeat facility ensures drivers can concentrate on the road without having to have the microphone in hand.

Public Utilities - Established as an essential tool with utility companies, an invaluable piece of equipment for routine and emergency announcements.

Emergency Services - Control or prevent incidents from occurring by informing the public of your intentions, or, by instructing them what to do.

Flood Warning - Inform the public clearly and concisely of what is occurring. Announce evacuation procedures or simply organise appropriate action.

Political or Promotional Campaigns - The ideal tool to get the message across to sell ideas, products or to increase your popularity.

Used in conjunction with a 29" or 39" Tornado PA Lightbar or an Illuminated Roof Sign.

    Specification Dimensions Data Sheets
    • Record and re-broadcast a single message
    • Record new message and overwrite old message
    • Auto message repeat facility
    • All in one construction
    • Fits into vehicle radio DIN slot
    • Standard microphone
    • Preview Speaker; Built in
    • All solid state electronics. No tapes or moving parts to malfunction
    • 11-16 VDC, 3A max
    • 2 x 22w audio outputs for local announcements
    • 115dB(A) (1m @1 khz)
    • 2 x 8 Ohm 30 0r 40 watt speakers required
    • Optimised for 12v operation, can be used on a 24v vehicle with suitable voltage dropper

    115mm(d) x 178mm(w) x 53mm(h) (main unit only)

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