600w Pure Sine Wave DC-AC Voltage Inverter

Product Code: DCD-184-01

£196.51 (Ex. VAT) £235.81 (Inc. VAT)

The 600w Pure Sine Wave DC-AC Voltage Inverter. Protected against overload, short circuit, low and high voltage and over temperature.

The unit is suitable for a range of applications and comes supplied with a single, three pin, AC outlet and on/off switch.

Specification Dimensions Applications/Protection
  • 600w power output
  • 1200w output surge power
  • 12v input voltage
  • 220v - 240v output voltage
  • 50Hz output frequency
  • Pure sine wave output form
  • 0.7A typical efficiency
  • ±6% typical output voltage regulation
  • 10.5V ± 0.5V low battery alarm
  • 10V ± 0.5V low battery shut down
  • 15.5V ± 0.5V high battery shutdown
  • Fan cooled
  • 60º ± 10º / 140 ± 18ºF thermal protection
  • 35A x 2 fuses
  • One AC outlet

170mm (w) x 67mm(h) x 330mm(d)

Auto, RV and boat compatibleOverload
7.2v power toolsShort circuit
Audio and video equipmentOver voltage
Household/kitchen appliancesLow voltage
Mobile office equipmentOver temperature
Battery chargersBattery polarity reverse

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