Run Lock-2

Product Code: RUN-102-03

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A conventional 2 output Run Lock Device with 'Activated' indicator lamp for 12v or 24v vehicles with traditional electro mechanical ignitions

A Run Lock unit is designed so that a vehicle can be left with the engine running to power radios, lights and other ancillary devices without the battery going flat.

By making use of two ancillary outputs The Run Lock-2 system is ideal for use on vehicles with a 'conventional' electro-mechanical ignition switch where the 'live' input connection can be shorted to the output terminal, via a relay contact, such that the vehicle ignition remains 'on' when the key is in the 'off' position or completely removed.

When the engine is running and the vehicle is stationary with the handbrake applied; the run lock switch is pressed, activating the run lock. This provides power to the main ignition and to two ancillary outputs allowing the ignition key to be turned off and removed.

The vehicle cannot be driven off, because as soon as the handbrake is removed or the foot brake is applied, the run lock is disabled and the engine will stop. The run lock switch should be momentary action with push to make contacts.

Note: In addition to this device RSG is able to offer specialised units particularly for vehicles requiring CAN Bus interface. Therefore, please contact our sales department for full details and data sheet.


We offer this item for sale on a 'NOT FOR USE ON PUBLIC HIGHWAYS' basis. The term 'Public Highway' excludes private land and driveways.


Dimensions Wiring Data Sheets

80mm(w) x 39mm(h) x 43mm(d)

BrownVoltage from outgoing ignition feed
BlackGND from handbrake warning switch
BlueRunlock "ON" switch to GND (Momentary)
YellowRunlock "OFF" connect to brakelight (+ve)
RedInternal relay common, Incoming IGN feed
White/RedN/O contact for ignition bypass
Green/BlackN/O contact for ignition bypass
Brown/Green12 or 24 Volt lamp

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