Mobile CCTV for Commercial Vehicles

AutoEye Xpert Pro Series - HGV, LCV, and DVS Camera Systems

Commercial vehicles find many uses for mobile CCTV solutions; protecting valuable cargo from theft or damage, aiding manoeuvrability in narrow streets or tight loading bays, and defending insurance claims. Increasingly, city centre’s are restricting access for HGV’s to those with approved all-around visibility, and multichannel video recording systems often form a key part of these requirements.

• Multiple hi-def channels inside and outside
• GPS for speed, location and route recording

• Sensor inputs for brakes, indicators, reversing
• Optional 4G live streaming and tracking

Ensuring safety & accountability for drivers & other road users

AutoEye Xpert Pro recorders can support up to 16 camera channels enabling full coverage from all angles both inside and outside the vehicle, helping to protect drivers, pedestrians, and other road users. Having an all-around “360” camera system helps to ensure safety by providing a live split screen view on the drivers monitor. Furthermore, monitors can be configured to auto-switch to the most relevant view, for instance the left camera when turning left, the rear when reversing etc. The loading areas of large delivery vehicles pose a problem for both theft of goods, and stowaways trying to cross boarders illegally. By installing cameras within the vehicle loading area, both the scenarios can be mitigated. The cameras not only record what takes place but can detect movement and raise alarms within the cab and remotely over 4G data connection if required.

Data security is ensured with locking storage media, on-board data backup systems, password protection, and encryption when wireless data transfer is used. And the systems can support dual band wifi for high speed transfer of HD video files, and 4G cellular for live streaming and tracking functions. The system is able to dynamically adjust its cellular data transmission according to available bandwidth, and without affecting the storage of HD files on the main media store.

The AutoEye Expert Pro systems also include GPS for recording vehicle speed, location, and route, a 3-dimensional G-sensor for shock and driving analysis.

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