The Europa Multi-functional Journey Recording system consists of the main control unit and optional modules which adapt the products functionality to offer the most cost effective solution for specific applications.


• High Speed Incident Data Recording for in-depth accident analysis
• Economic Journey Data Recording for every day Fleet Management
• Statistical Data for quick view reports
• 8 x Digital (On/Off) Inputs and up to 32 from CANbus
• 2 x Analogue (Variable) Inputs
• 3-Axis Accelerometer for longitudinal, lateral and vertical movement
• Speed/rpm fron CANbus
• 3-Axis Gyros
• 6MB Memory
• 2MB Incident Data
• 4MB Journey Data
• Dual CAN Interface
• 1Hz GPS Data on every journey data point and 10Hz GPS data for incidents
• Battery Backed-up memory
• USB Connectivity for Laptop PC
• Manual Incident (Catch Event) Switch
• Interface to drivers status module
• Internal auto reset fuses
• Internal transient protection
• Automotive robust enclosure
• 2 x CAN Bus Interfaces Can be programmed to read vehicle CAN Bus data
    and/or hazard warning controller
• GPS See Position Monitoring

GPRS Optional Module

Data communication module for transferring information at high speed and in the most cost efficient manner over the mobile telephone network


Uses the latest satellite positioning technology to provide the highest accuracy currently available

BATTERY BACK-UP Optional Module

Fit to keep product operating if vehicle supply is lost


Interface with both vehicle and auxiliary equiment CAN Bus

WIRELESS Optional Module

Data communication module for transferring information at high speed and in the most cost efficient manner via a local wireless hotspot

DRIVER ID Optional Module

Available Options:


• GPRS Provides high speed data down load over the mobile telephone
    network, ideal for large fleets
• WiFi Provides data down load over a local wireless network
• TETRA Interact with Airwave Radio
• Driver ID Log who’s driving the vehicle via a variety of card/key technology
    essential for Notice of Intended Prosecutions (NIPS Data), with support for
    existing ID cards
• Battery Back-Up Fit to keep product operating if vehicle supply is lost

Position Monitoring 

• Historically Track vehicles anywhere down to street level
• Operates with online mapping such as Google Earth mapping software
• Store over 2000 Journeys and over 100,000 Waypoints (location references)
    with adjustable intervals and typically could represent over 10,000 miles
• View movement of individual vehicles for each complete journey made
• Vehicle activity data like speed, RPM, location and device functions can be
    viewed in association with Waypoints
• Latest GPS combined technology allows accuracy down to 2.5 metres and
    resilience against satellite failure and urban/city building shielding 

 Journey Analysis  

The Europa Fleet Management software provides a multitude of features that enable a wide range of reports to be produced:- 

• View Journeys zoom in and out
• Incident indicators
• Scrolling cursors to get precise time and speed of any event to within 1
• Confirm status of vehicle devices - whether on or off
• View Journey and Status reports simultaneously
• Harsh and Dangerous braking reports
• Driver scoring league table
• Exception reporting
• Statistical reports
• 3-D Histogram reports
• Vehicle data base for MOT, service and insurance details
• A whole range of tabular reports

Incident Analysis

The Europa Incident Analysis software has an extensive range of features specifically designed to make accident investigation faster and more efficient, with up to 100Hz resolution. View data as pre, during and post incident information in terms of:- 

• Journey information
• Accelerometer data
• Direction data
• Gyroscope data

• Actual speed
• Reconstructed speed
• Adjust calibration to match
    roadside bench marks

Modular Software accommodates secure distribution of data only to authorised personnel and is comprises of the following modules:- 

• Server software to manage the system
• Client Journey Viewer & Incident Analyser software to analyse the recorded data into meaningful information
• Data Collect to download the recorded or live data
• Configuration software used when the product is installed