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Mobile CCTV for Police Vehicles

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There are a number of applications for vehicle CCTV in police work, all based on differing priorities and operational functions. Cell vans, beat cars, and firearms units will all need mobile CCTV for differing reason, and the design of their vehicles means the number of cameras, their mounting positions, and the data handling requirements will be different. Standby RSG provide solutions for all these applications and more.  

Mobile CCTV for police cell vans
  • Live monitor feed from cells to ensure safety
  • High-impact anti-vandal cameras with audio
  • External surveillance around vehicle
  • Secure data storage & optional live streaming

Cell Vans

Transporting suspects and prisoners from the scene of a crime can pose a risk to both the police officer and detainee. Cameras in the cells help ensure the detainee remains safe during transit by relaying live images to monitors within the cab and/or officer seating areas. Because cell cameras are often within easy reach, Standby RSG use proven anti-vandal designs to protect against malicious or accidental damage. Furthermore, recording the cell camera images helps to provide supporting evidence if claims of injury are made against the officers. Cell van’s also typically have cameras deployed above the vehicle access points to ensure safe loading of detainees. In some designs we are able to combine camera functionality to act as driving aids such as reversing. And by using high-definition multi-channel recorders, our systems can also record images from the surrounding area and highway to capture vehicle registrations and faces. With options for live wireless streaming, wireless archive transfer, live vehicle tracking and status, the capability of Standby RSG cell-van CCTV goes well beyond a camera recording system.  

Vehicle CCTV for police cars
  • High definition for detailed view of highway
  • High frame rate for pursuit applications
  • Internal audio & video for interview recording
  • Intuitive in-car playback of events

General Purpose, Traffic, Beat & Covert Police Cars

Video camera recording systems for Policing need to perform multiple functions; external highway surveillance often requiring a combination of wide-angle perspective and detailed close-ups, internal interviews of suspects with both audio and video functions, capture of detailed images in complex lighting environments and at high speed etc. The Standby RSG multichannel video recorders support a range of camera types which can cover all required conditions, whilst maintaining high levels of security and reliability. Features such as locking storage media and DVR password protection ensure that data is not easily compromised, and the ability of the recorders to also capture vehicle speed, lightbar/siren status, and shock/vibration, takes the video recording system onto a level comparable with dedicated telematics solutions. In-car playback of events can help to secure on-the-spot fines, and export of data via secure wifi helps to ensure a quick completion of reporting at the end of a shift.   








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