100 Watt Low Frequency Rumble Speaker - Digital

Product Code: LSP-108

£87.86 (Ex. VAT) £105.43 (Inc. VAT)

Designed to take full advantage of the low frequency rumble tone function available from our 200 Watt Digital Siren (MCS-DDSA).

The speaker utilises the 'ground effect' producing penetrating/vibrating low-frequency sound waves that can be physically felt. Highly effective in dense urban environments with heavy vehicle traffic, getting attention and clearing traffic more effectively than a standard siren tone.

This unit can be used independently or simultaneously with other siren speakers to produce multiple tones.

Please note that this speaker is only compatible with the MCS-DDSA 200 Watt Digital Siren!

If this product is of interest we recommend that you contact our sales office on 01543 438800 to discuss your requirements.

    Specification Dimensions Optional Additional Speaker Configuration
    • Low frequency
    • Heavy duty powder coated construction and mounting bracket
    • 100 Watt power output
    • Only suitable for use with 200 Watt siren
    • 8 Ohms impedance
    • 12 month warranty

    The diagram below shows optional speaker configuration when connected to the MCS-DDSA 200 Watt Digital Siren.

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