200 Watt Digital Siren (MCS-DDSA)

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The MCS-DDSA siren incorporates multi mode functionality. Because it is based on digital technology it can operate in different modes on the same installation by utilising different sets of speakers, if required.

Pumping out 200 Watts of ‘real’ dB power, unlike other offerings that are rated at 200 Watts as that is how much power they consume rather than reflecting how loud they actually are. The MCS-DDSA is unlike any other amplifier currently on the market.

It can produce two different siren tones at the same time giving a ‘two vehicle’ effect via 2 x 100 Watt speakers, or scrolled siren sounds via a 1 x 200 Watt speaker, plus, if required either ‘simultaneously or separately’ a low frequency rumble sound via 1 or 2 x low frequency 200w rumble speakers (rumblers).

With circuitry based on Class D digital siren technology this device is optimised to produce a true 200 Watt output or if preferred 2 x 100 Watt outputs with or without the optional low frequency rumble effect.

It can be controlled with conventional switches via on/off controls, in conjunction with the Horn Ring Transfer (HRT) feature if required and/or via CAN Bus signals for other complementary MCS controllers and switch units.

Low Frequency Rumble Tone Feature

This contributes to improving emergency vehicle operator and public safety especially in urban environments with high density heavy traffic and pedestrians. Also aids with clearing junction/intersection passage.

When used with the LSP-108 digital speaker to optimise the low frequency tones generated from the siren amplifier the output is a highly distinguishable ‘Rumble’ sound. As the sound is notably different to the standard siren tones that everyone is now familiar with this immediately gets peoples attention as well as creating a better sense of the direction the vehicle is coming from.

As the speaker is of a specialised nature, and should ideally be fitted in pairs, it is important that they are fitted correctly to take full advantage of the ‘GROUND’ effect. As such it is mainly appropriate to larger vehicles such as fire appliances and larger 4x4’s.

If this product is of interest we recommend that you contact our sales office on 01543 438800 to discuss your requirements.

The MCS-DDSA is compatible with MCS-32, MCS-16 and MCS-8 control units.

    Specification Dimensions Example System Configurations Data Sheets Speaker Selection

    MCS-DDSA functions and features:

    • 12 and 24 volt operation
    • 2 x independent speaker outputs
    • Class D: Runs cooler, draws less power
    • Interconnects to related products via proprietary CAN Bus
    • Operates via a MCS Multiway Switch Unit or directly via discreet inputs
    • Hands free operation via the HRT (Horn Ring Transfer) feature enables scrolling through pre-selected siren tones
    • Selectable UK siren sounds with Air/Bull horn option
    • Siren active output (ideal as Data Recorder Input)
    • On board status LEDs
    • City mode volume reduction feature
    • Workshop (test) mode volume suppression

    Rumble Effect Functions
    • Automatic ‘standard siren reduction’ when Rumble effect active - typically 75%
    • Automatically ‘shut off’ of Rumble effect to avoid accidental misuse - typically 8 seconds
    • Adjustable automatic volume reduction and shut off times
    • Use Rumble effect independently or with conventional sirens
    • All user controlled via ‘free’ MCS configuration software

    Absolute Maximum Ratings
    • 30 volts DC supply voltage
    • 20 Amps maximum

    Electrical Characteristics
    • Nominal supply voltage: 13.8 or 27.4 Volts DC. Typically: 168mA @ 13.8 Volts no peripherals attached
    • Standby Current: System Standby. Typically: 19mA @ 13.8 Volts no peripherals attached Maximum: 21mA
    • Standby Temperature: -20ºC to +70ºC
    • Operating temperature: -20ºC to +65ºC

    • 1 x 40 Amp DC on pluggable connector (20 Amp fuse MUST be used)
    • 1 x Ground/chassis connection (40 Amp rated or more)

    Digital Inputs
    • 5 x positive switched inputs 1, 2 & 3, HRT + Air Horn
    • 2 x negative switched (HRT & Airhorn)

    Analog monitoring
    • Incoming system voltage sense
    • Internal temperature monitor
    • Siren system current monitor

    • 3 x High or Low switching 500mA rated outputs with in-line resettable fuse
    • Amplifier outputs typically into a 8 Ohm speaker load

    • 1 x CAN Bus 2.0 full speed interface

    Below is the range of speakers best suited for use with the MCS-DDSA 200 Watt Digital Siren.
    Please note that the rumble tone feature can only be achieved by using the LSP-108 100 Watt Low Frequency Speaker.

    LSP-108 100 Watt Low Frequency Rumble Speaker - Digital
    LSP-204 200 Watt Round Speaker - Digital
    LSP- 210 100 Watt Round Speaker - Electronic

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