4 Port PoN Switch

Product Code: AEX-ST-ACC-PNS

£74.09 (Ex. VAT) £88.91 (Inc. VAT)

4 Port PoN Switch for use with X5 AutoEye Xpert Pro Series DVR's.


•    4-port PoN switch
•    For use with X5 Pro Series DVRs
•    Compatible with PoN 6-pin IP Pro Series cameras

The Standby RSG  AEX-ST-ACC-PNS is a PON switch for our X5 Pro Series of mobile digital video recorders (AEX-ST-DVR-X5-4W2 and EX-ST-DVR-X5-4W). The switch provides 4 IP channels which are compatible with our Pro Series of IP PON cameras via 6-pin aviation style connections. The switch unit provides power to the cameras and accepts data which is returned to the DVR over its built-in RJ45 ethernet connector. The switch unit shares the DVR power supply and can operate from 9-36 volts DC i.e. is compatible with 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles.

•    The shell is made of high strength material for harsh environments
•    Connects the MDVR with RJ45 port with specially designed strain relief shroud to ensure the reliable connection in the vibration environment
•    Connects with the IPC of 6 pin DIN JACK to ensure a reliable connection
•    Supports 8-36V DC voltage input,suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles
•    Provide one 10/100/1000M adaptive RJ45 port, four 10/100M adaptive adjustabel 6 pin DIN JACK for auto flipping
•    PoN power supply
•    Protection class: IP54
•    Power supply standard applies to ISO7637-2
•    Anti-vibration standard applies to MIL-STD-810F
•    Certification: EN50155 E-mark CE FCC


Pro Series cloud based software, services and client applications for AutoEye Xpert video telematics

The Standby AutoEye Xpert Pro Series of digital video and telematics systems is supported by a range of user interfaces and data collection platforms.  For small deployments we provide a stand-alone PC desktop application which interfaces directly with the DVR storage media (USB, SD card, or desktop reader).

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