7" Colour LCD Monitor

Product Code: AEX-ST-TSD-7IN

£103.72 (Ex. VAT) £124.46 (Inc. VAT)

AutoEye Xpert Pro Series 7" Colour LCD monitor with LED backlight.

The Standby RSG AEX-ST-TSD-7IN is a 7” colour monitor which supports both standard and high definition inputs from CVBS and AHD sources up to 1080P resolution. The monitor has two input channels allowing it to be used as a display for our Pro Series DVR’s and also as a reversing aid direct from a camera. This has advantages for vehicles which need to manoeuvre rapidly before a DVR has had time to complete its boot-up sequence, thus being able to display a reverse camera image as soon as powered “on”. It can also be used with a “Y” splitter cable so a single high definition reversing camera can feed both the monitor and DVR. The monitor can be powered from 9-36 volts DC thus being suited to use on 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles.

•    7” high definition colour monitor for Pro Series DVR’s and cameras
•    Two video input channels to support DVR & separate reverse camera
•    Supports CVBS and 1080P AHD inputs
•    Wide supply range from 9-36 volts DC (12 & 24 volt vehicles)


Pro Series cloud based software, services and client applications for AutoEye Xpert video telematics

The Standby AutoEye Xpert Pro Series of digital video and telematics systems is supported by a range of user interfaces and data collection platforms.  For small deployments we provide a stand-alone PC desktop application which interfaces directly with the DVR storage media (USB, SD card, or desktop reader).

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