Alarm & Sensor IO Termination Boxes

Product Code: AEX-ST-ACC-X5AB

£29.63 (Ex. VAT) £35.56 (Inc. VAT)

Alarm & Sensor IO Termination Boxes for use with AutoEye Xpert X5 Pro Series DVR's.

•    Alarm and sensor IO termination boxes for X5 Pro Series DVR’s

•    Provides screw terminations for easy installation and maintenance
•    Supports 8 sensor inputs, 2 sensor outputs, 12 volt, 5 volt and ground points
•    Supports 4 x serial data connections (RS232 and RS485)

The Standby RSG AEX-ST-ACC-X5AB is designed for the X5 Pro Series of digital video recorders. It features two signal termination boxes connected to a single D-type connector which plugs to the rear panel for the DVR. One box supports
sensor IO and the other supports serial data connections. The terminations are screw connectors with clear printed labels which facilitate an easy way to install and maintain the wiring for a fully equipped AutoEye Xpert Pro Series installation.


Pro Series cloud based software, services and client applications for AutoEye Xpert video telematics

The Standby AutoEye Xpert Pro Series of digital video and telematics systems is supported by a range of user interfaces and data collection platforms.  For small deployments we provide a stand-alone PC desktop application which interfaces directly with the DVR storage media (USB, SD card, or desktop reader).

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