Amber Redtronic MegaFlash 360º LED Beacon

Product Code: LED-642-03

£19.99 (Ex. VAT) £23.99 (Inc. VAT)
The Amber Redtronic MegaFlash 360º LED Beacon with 18 high power amber LEDs available as a single bolt fix with 6 flash patterns. The unit is also IP66 rated.

    This is discontinued stock in a brand new unused condition.

    Specification Dimensions Flash Patterns
    • Single Bolt Fix
    • 6 built-in flash patterns including Mega-Flash, Quad-Flash, Alternating and Hyper Flash
    • 12/24v

    184mm x 80mm

    Mega FlashStandard flash pattern
    Quad FlashFour flashes per side
    Triple flashThree flashes per side
    Double FlashTwo flashes per side
    AlternatingSingle flash either side
    Hyper-FlashGradual increased speed flash rate

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