Autoeye Xpert - iVMS5200 Software Licences

Product Code: AEX-H-LIC-1

£2,797.18 (Ex. VAT) £3,356.62 (Inc. VAT)

Standby RSG Autoeye Xpert series of mobile video solutions have a range of software options available.

These include basic manual download and playback capabilities (iVMS4200) to more sophisticated requirements for live streaming, mapping and mass archiving (iVMS5200). Hosting can be self managed or supplied as part of the Standby RSG online service which includes our FleetMotus Telematics fleet management and monitoring service.

All Autoeye Xpert mobile video recorders are supplied complete with the iVMS4200 software package that provides functions for data download, storage, search and playback for up to 50 users - see Technical Information tab below for more details.


The iVMS5200 software packages are available as a Base Server Licence complete with 11 vehicle licences, for additional vehicles, individual vehicle licences are available to order.

The iVMS5200 comprises server and client modules, it supports all of the functionality of the iVMS4200 as well as a host of additional features.

Key Features
•    Download of video files from vehicle to computer
•    Connectivity to video recorder via Cat5 network, USB to hard drive caddy or wireless options
•    Playback of video footage
•    Export of video footage in various formats including MP4 and AVI
•    Search functions by date, time, device and events
•    Password management for devices
•    Time synchronisation via NTP
•    Live view using network or cellular connections (up to 64 x 2Mbps simultaneous streams)
•    User interface supports 33 languages
•    Up to 50 separate users ID’s per system
•    Up to 256 camera channels per system
•    Real time tracking of fleet on live maps over cellular network
•    Simultaneous map and video feeds
•    Live view using network or cellular connections (up to 200 x 2Mbps simultaneous steams)
•    Event markers on maps
•    Multiple geo-fences which are individually assignable to users
•    Playback route history and distance measurement
•    Definable download tasks
•    Direct messaging to vehicles
•    Remote pan-tilt-zoom controls for PTZ cameras
•    Event export to CSV and PDF formats
•    Optional redacting functions available via soft-tokens
•    Optional mobile clients available for iOS and Android platforms
•    Up to 2048 camera channels per system
•    Up to 1024 mobile DVR’s per system
•    Unlimited number of users

Computer requirements:
•    Operating system
    -    Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 / Microsoft® Windows Server 2012 SP2 (64-bit)
    -    Microsoft® Windows 7/8/8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
    -    Note: The Storage Server must be installed on the 64-bit PC or server to work correctly

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