Basic Stand-Alone 100w Siren (MCS-SSA)

Product Code: PAA-167-03

£118.25 (Ex. VAT) £141.90 (Inc. VAT)

Operates as a stand-alone device. When connected to other compatible Universal MCS siren devices creates a 'two siren' sound effect from one vehicle.

Use as an economic stand-alone device or as part of a blue's and two's system. A compact 100w siren unit which operates at both 12v and 24v, meaning only one device to stock.

This unit is compatible with the MCS-32 Universal Controller and the Universal 100w Siren (MCS-SE)

    Specification Dimensions Data Sheets

    MCS-SSA functions and features

    • 12v and 24v operation
    • Interconnects to related products via proprietary CAN Bus
    • Can be enabled from an input or compatible multi-way switch
    • Hands free operation via the HRT (Horn Ring Transfer) feature enables scrolling through pre-selected siren tones
    • Selectable UK siren sounds with Air/Bull horn option Siren active output (ideal as Data Recorder Input)
    • On board status LEDs
    • Supports 8 and 11 ohm speakers
    • City mode volume reduction feature

    The MCS-SSA can also be linked with other compatible siren devices to create a 'two siren' sound effect from one vehicle when used with one of the following devices

    • MCS-32 Universal Controller Plus UNI-PLS-001
    • MCS-SE Universal 100 Watt Siren UNI-SIR-001

    With the following system functions and features

    • Tones from each unit will be different
    • Tones from each device will be un-synchronised to give a two vehicle effect
    • Dual 100 Watt Siren outputs via two separate 100 Watt speakers

    Absolute Maximum Ratings

    • 34 volts DC supply voltage
    • 15 Amps maximum
    • 4 milliamps typical standby current - switch de-activated
    • 22 milliamps typical standby current - switch activated
    • 35 milliamps maximum standby current - switch activated
    • -20ºC to 70ºC standby temperature
    • -20ºC to 65ºC operating temperature


    • 1 x DC on pluggable adaptor (15 Amp fuse must be used)
    • 1 x Ground/chassis connection (should be rated to handle 15 Amps or more)

    Digital Inputs

    • 1 x positive/negative switched
    • 1 x positive switched (HRT, Airhorn)
    • 1 x negative switched (HRT, Airhorn)

    Analog Monitoring

    • Incoming system voltage sense
    • Internal temperature monitor
    • Siren system current monitor


    • 100w siren speaker output 8 or 11 ohm selectable


    • 1 x CAN Bus 2.0 full speed interface

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