Tornado LED Microbar

Product Code: TMCB-012-03

£134.19 (Ex. VAT) £161.03 (Inc. VAT)

The Tornado Microbar is a designed to incorporate a compact sleek design whilst providing the ultimate light output to meet R65 Class II in blue (amber versions available to order).

The Tornado Microbar is available in a variety of mount options whether you require a permanent or temporary mount making it the perfect solution for a variety of vehicle applications from emergency services and covert vehicles to amber safety and commercial vehicles.

This product also boasts major industry requirements such as IP69K, EMC R10, ECE R65 approvals and comes as standard with 7 flash patterns including ICAO/CAP168 airport pattern. It features ultra-bright latest generation LEDs under an ultra-strong UV stabilised polycarbonate lens offering multiple lens colour options and LED colours.

Colours available:
Blue LEDs with either a clear or blue lens

Specification Dimensions Flash Patterns Cable Connections

• Ultra-bright latest generation LED’s
• Ultra-strong UV stabilised polycarbonate lens
• Lens colour options: blue and clear, amber available on request
• R65 Class II approved
• Low current draw: 2.4 amps max at 12VDC
• IP69K protection against dust & water ingress
• CAP168/ICAO airport flash
• Dekra Speed Rating: 153mph (246.2km/h) mag mount
• EMC R10 compliant
• Operating Temperature: -40 to +105°C
• 11-32VDC operation
• Multiple mount options available
• 7 flash patterns
• Multi-function cigarette plug (mag and suction)
• 2 year warranty

Please Note: Suction cups are a perishable item therefore are not covered under warranty.

Pattern 1
Pattern 2
Pattern 3
Pattern 4
Pattern 5
Pattern 6
Hyper Flash
Pattern 7
CAP168 (unlock with Brown to +ve for 10 seconds)
Cable Colour
Standby power +ve
Red Wire
Standby power
Ground -ve
Black Wire
Ov ground/earth
Power +ve
Green Wire
Powers primary colour
Pattern +ve
Brown Wire
Changes the flash pattern by momentarily applying to a positive. Apply to +ve for 2-3 seconds to revert to quad flash (Pattern 1)
DIM +ve
Blue Wire
Activate night mode
Yellow Wire
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