CAN Bus 8 Output Interface

Product Code: AEX-H-CAN-001

£160.00 (Ex. VAT) £192.00 (Inc. VAT)

The CAN interface provides 8 of the most commonly used outputs on vehicles which feature CAN Bus wiring. It interfaces between the vehicle CAN to an Autoeye Xpert DVR or NVR.


Speed Signal > 12v square pulsed output at approximately 4 pulses per 1 MPH.

Ignition On > 12v (1A max) when the ignition is switched on.

Left Indicator > 12v (1A max) when the left indicator is active.

Right Indicator > 12v (1A max) when the right indicator is active.

Service Brake > 12v (1A max) when the brake pedal is pressed.

Dipped Beam > 12v (1A max) when the dipped beam is active.

High Beam > 12v (1A max) when the high beam is active.

Side Lights > 12v (1A max) when the side lights are active

Ideal for use with Data Recording Systems or for any electronic device which requires multiple signal inputs. All outputs (with the exception of speed signal) are short circuit protected and rated at 1A.

This device is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Please state the make, model and year of your vehicle/s when ordering.

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