MCS-T16A Switch Panel

Product Code: UNI-MXT-XXX

£155.72 (Ex. VAT) £186.86 (Inc. VAT)

The T16A Switch Panel is based on the popular T16 Handset. This version was developed to be set into the vehicle dash or panelling.

This unit has a black cast aluminium casing for a long lasting, hard wearing switch solution.

This switch unit has 16 small dual function buttons with appropriate legends and key colours.

Public address would be implemented via a separate hand held microphone with integral PTT switch.

•    16 small buttons
•    Buttons can also have dual function increasing versatility
•    Button colours are defined by the LED back light, as they have no colour and are unlit when the unit is ‘off’
•    Permanent mount only
•    For PTT use the Hand Held Microphone (UNI-MIC-005)
•    Compatible with the full range of MCS Control Units

Overall dimensions: 160mm (w) x 68mm (h) x 15mm (d)

Specification Dimensions Configuration Specification Sheets

Each button can be independently configured in terms of operation, legend designation and even back light colour, therefore it is the ideal interface for controlling a variety of vehicle based hazard warning systems including the MCS range of control systems.

• Fully programmable at source and/or by customer
• Each switch can have a multi-function 'HOT' key action depending on required function
• 3 stage back illumination - low brightness when OFF, high brightness when ON and both levels dimmed at night
• Button colours are defined by the LED back light, therefore they have no colour when the handset is 'Off'
• Any switch can be programmed to act as PTT (push-to-talk) when used in conjunction with a PA (public address) system
• All configurations compatible with MCS-32, MCS-16, MCS-8
• 3 year manufacturers warranty

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