CVS-012 Control Unit

Product Code: UNI-CON-001

£175.00 (Ex. VAT) £210.00 (Inc. VAT)

The Universal Controller (CVS-12) consists of a main control box which contains everything required to control a complete ‘standard’ vehicle mounted hazard warning system, typically comprising of a rooftop lightbar, secondary hazard warning lights and audio (built-in siren) equipment. It has 16 high power outputs, 16 inputs and 16 monitor outputs. It also supports power management functions including run lock, split charging, load shedding and headlight flash, plus many more, some of which may be implemented via the vehicle CAN Bus system. It also has an integrated Siren & PA facility and the ability to control an add-on Gateway Radio Controller with voice prompts.

Operate the controller through one of our range of fully compatible hand held or dash mounted switch units and you have an economical hazard warning control system that does not compromise on features or functionality.

System Intelligence
The main control unit can be used in its standard format utilising the factory settings that are appropriate for most everyday hazard warning applications, or it can be customised either by RSG or the customer using the ‘free’ application software provided.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Operate the controller through one of the Multi-Way handsets and you have an economical hazard warning control system that does not compromise on features and functions. Each of the handsets have the facility to operate a Public Address (PA) system via an integral microphone and the option to allocate an appropriate button to operate as the Push to Talk (PTT) feature. See pages 3:32-3:33 for full details.

One Source, One Solution
In order to simplify the installation process each unit is supplied fully loaded with all the necessary features and functions to implement a comprehensive system. Simply enable the required functions via the ‘easy to use’ software.

Logic and Timer Functions
A handset switch function can be ‘AND’ed with a standard or inverted input. Also two timer module functions are available that can be set in 1 minute increments.

Audio Capability
Live voice announcements can be made with the units Public Address facility using either the microphone built into the various handsets or via a separate hand-held fist microphone with an appropriate adaptor.

System Configuration
This is a simple 3-Stage process which entails enabling and labelling inputs and outputs, configuring the system operation and downloading the application onto the unit via the built-in control panel or with a PC in conjunction with a Dongle. This operation need only be done once and when completed it can be simply transferred onto other units from either the PC and separate Dongle unit (available to purchase separately) or solely with the Dongle if no changes/updates are anticipated.

Compatible Handsets: MCS-T8, MCS-T10 and MCS-T17

    Specification Dimensions Data Sheets


    • 12 High Power Outputs
    - 40 Amps per channel (80 Amps total Including Siren)
    - Current & Voltage Protected
    - Run Lock Data
    - Split Charge Data
    - Voltage drops out

    • Special Dedicated Channels
    - 3 x Run Lock Channels (2 with diodes) 1 with ignition by-pass diode
    - 1 x Diode pair built in for breaking into headlight and/or tail light wiring with 2 x outputs

    • Electronic Fuses
    - Electronically Adjustable
    - Electronically Tripped


    • 16 Low Level Inputs
    - Manual Control Inputs - Connections - from General Switches

    • 12 Special Function Inputs
    - Ignition Sense
    - Side Light Sense
    - Run Lock Control
    - Siren Enable
    - Horn Ring Transfer (HRT) Positive and Negative sense
    - Radio Sense
    - Split Charge Sense


    • Microphone and PTT Input
    • Radio Audio
    • Microphone Volume Adjust
    • Radio Volume Adjust
    • Primary Battery (splitter charger) Sense


    • High Power Outputs Voltage Sense
    • Internal Temperature
    • Output Channels Current Monitor
    • Siren System Current Monitor


    • Output Signals that Mimic Operation of the Unit
    • 16 x 3Amp (Max) Outputs
    • 3 x 250mA (Max) Outputs


    • Reset Unit


    • 7-Way Mini Handset Switch Unit
    • 9-Way Midi Handset Switch Unit with optional Quick Fit Shroud to make dash/panel mount
    • 16-Way Universal Handset Plus with or without separate PPT (Push To Talk) switch


    • RS485 Port (Compatible with S-Link protocol to connect with legacy switch units)
    • RS232 – via adaptor


    • Link to vehicle CAN Bus system to monitor appropriate signals (CAN Bus 2.0 protocol)


    • Built-In LCD Display
    • Provides programming Interface
    • Provides Diagnostic Feedback
    • Simple Scroll Up and Down Menu
    • Use to Set-Up and Adjust Programmable Features and Functions

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