Directional Shield

Product Code: FWS-F0A

The Directional Shield utilises the popular Directional Fend-Off covert LED module that has 6 LEDs set at 45º within the module.

Available as a 45º and 30º unit as standard these units can be manufactured in 5º increments to match the vehicle screen angle. This means we can virtually guarantee the light output remains at its optimum level.

Prices shown are for one shield, bulk orders will reduce the cost significantly, please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Please note that Directional Fend-Off LED modules are sold separately and in pairs. Therefore you would need to order 1 set of Directional Fend Off's and 2 Directional Shields.


45º Directional Shield (FWS-F0A)
110mm x 55mm x 40mm

30º Directional Shield (FWS-F0D)
110mm x 55mm x 40mm

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