Discreet Audio Microphone

Product Code: AEX-S-MIC-1

£22.83 (Ex. VAT) £27.40 (Inc. VAT)

An audio microphone for discreet connection from an analog/TVI camera.

Useful where audio needs to be recorded in a different position to an associated camera channel.

Includes RCA phono output for audio signal and mini jack options for 12V DC power supply.

Compatible with the AEX-S-CAB-DC5 DC power adapter cable.


  •                High Gain 12V Audio Microphone with In-line Power         
  •                Suitable for any CCTV Camera set up that records audio  
  •                Integrates with your CCTV DVR or Monitor
  •                Monitoring area up to 150m2
  •                Loop through power connection (both Male and Female power jacks) 
  •                Discreet - can be perfectly hidden at any place
  •                Uses very little power (10mA)
  •                Suitable for Indoor use only
  •                Connectors: Male Power, Female Power, Female RCA Phono

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