EasyCheck Wi-Fi Hotspot

Product Code: AEX-ST-ACC-EC

£29.63 (Ex. VAT) £35.56 (Inc. VAT)

EasyCheck Wi-Fi Hotspot for use with AutoEye Xpert Pro Series DVR's.


• USB dongle creates a wi-fi hotspot for Pro Series DVR’s
• Facilitates easy maintenance and management of DVR settings
• Wireless app FREE for iOS and Android platforms
• Compatible with phones and tablets
• Built-in SD slot for data backup and file storage

The Standby RSG AEX-ST-ACC-EC EasyCheck is a USB dongle that creates a wi-fi hotspot around our Pro Series DVR’s to facilitate maintenance and management of the system via iOS or Android devices. The system is particularly useful when
adjusting camera viewing angles during installation as it allows a live real-time view on a phone or tablet avoiding the need to constantly walk up and down the vehicle to check on a dash-mounted monitor for example. The system also allows full access to all the DVR settings for resolution, frame rate, alarms, naming conventions, diagnostics etc. The built-in SD slot also allows easy transfer of firmware updates, configuration backup files, and downloads of camera footage. Access to the system settings is protected via password.

Apps are free on the Apple App and Google Play stores:

•    iOS - https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/rm-easycheck/id1060983180
•    Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.streamaxtech.mdvr.direct&hl=en_GB&gl=US


Pro Series cloud based software, services and client applications for AutoEye Xpert video telematics

The Standby AutoEye Xpert Pro Series of digital video and telematics systems is supported by a range of user interfaces and data collection platforms.  For small deployments we provide a stand-alone PC desktop application which interfaces directly with the DVR storage media (USB, SD card, or desktop reader).

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