Edge Saber Adjustable Shield

Product Code: FWS-E0X

The Edge Saber has two types of adjustable shields for mounting the 3 and 6-way modules in within vehicle windows.

The first (FWS-E0X) has 10º adjustability most suited to front windscreens.

The second (FWS-E0KC) is adjustable between 35º and 90º and is suitable for rear or side windows.

A curved moulded rubber insert allows the module to be adjusted for optimum light output.

Edge Saber LED modules are sold separately as a single item. Therefore you will need to order 1 Edge Saber module and 1 Edge Saber shield.
Dimensions Data Sheets

FWS-E0X (10º) - 85mm x 155mm x 34mm
FWS-E0KC (35º - 90º) - 82mm x 155 x 38mm

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