High Power Auto Recall Systems

Product Code: SYS-B2-001

£717.03 (Ex. VAT) £860.44 (Inc. VAT)

High Power Auto Recall Systems consist of a 29" or 39" Hurricane amber LED lightbar and a High Power Auto Recall unit.

A hurricane low profile LED lightbar with 3-way amber LED modules behind clear lenses, plus, an opal centre section that is available blank or with Water livery as standard.

The lightbar houses a 60 Watt speaker driver and has a discreet underslung forward facing cowl for effective sound projection.

This lightbar is ECE R65 class 1 and ECE R10 approved, features latest generation amber 3-way LED modules, is pre-loaded with selectable flash patterns and supplied with rubber mounting feet.


The High Power Auto Recall Unit is a high quality public address device with the facility to record and re-broadcast a message up to 60 seconds long.

The recorded message is stored on a solid state electronic memory system, which means that there are no tapes or moving parts to go wrong. This also makes the unit immune to vibrations associated with mobile vehicle applications.

The in-built auto repeat facility ensures drivers can concentrate on the road without having to have the microphone in hand.

Make a visual as well as audio impact in conjunction with the Hurricane PA Lightbar.


    Specification Dimensions Data Sheets


    • Crystal clear and opal polycarbonate lenses
    • 29" (740mm) or 39" (1000mm)
    • Internally mounted 60 Watt speaker driver
    • Discreet underslung speaker cowl
    • Supplied with standard rubber mounting feet
    • 2.5m loom
    • 3-way corner LED modules
    • 3-way front and rear facing LED modules
    • Built-in selectable flash patterns
    • ECE R65 Class 1 and ECE R10 (e) approved
    • 12v operation
    • 3 year manufacturers warranty

    • Optional Features
      Alternative livery to opal centre section


    • Record and re-broadcast a single message
    • Record and overwrite message at any time
    • Auto message repeat facility
    • 10 button switch unit
    • Rugged microphone
    • 2 unit construction
    • Dash mount control switch unit and discreet mount power amplifier
    • All solid state electronics. No tapes or moving parts to malfunction
    • Separate preview speaker
    •  6A max
    • 120dB(A) @1 metre @ 1Hz
    • 1 x 60w (80w equivalent) audio output for broader general announcement
    • 1 x 4 Ohm 60 watt speakers required
    • Optimised for 12v operation, can be used on a 24v vehicle with suitable voltage dropper

    Control Switch Unit - 19mm(d) x 147mm(w) x 56mm(h)
    Power Amplifier -  32mm(d) x 78mm(w) x 32mm(h)

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