Incident Tag Button

Product Code: AEX-H-ACC-ATI

£69.34 (Ex. VAT) £83.21 (Inc. VAT)
The AEX-H-ACC-ATI Incident Tag Button is pressed by the driver in an emergency.

It provides three LED indicators, respectively showing the mobile DVR power status, recording status and error status, which is beneficial for malfunction investigation.

Key Features

•    Quick alarm in an emergency
•    LEDs show the alarm terminal status
•    Built-in IR receiver for remote control
•    Built-in gyroscope for brake detection
•    Built-in sensor for capturing real-time acceleration
•    Supplied complete with 8 metre adapter cable with a 5-pin female avaition plug for connecting to a DVR and a H2x2 interface to connect to the Incident Tag Button

Specification Dimensions Data Sheets Applications

• 5 VDC/30 mA power supply
• -20ºC to +60ºC (-4ºF to +140ºF) working temperature
• 100ms sampling interval

80mm long x 30mm wide x 19mm high

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