Internal Mini Network Camera

Product Code: AEX-H-VMC-MBF4

£92.93 (Ex. VAT) £111.52 (Inc. VAT)

This miniature high-definition Camera can be used with the Standby RSG Autoeye Xpert range of mobile digital video and network recorders.

The camera features a 1080P HD output signal over a powered RJ45 network connection (POE). It produces and exceptional image quality even in complex lighting environments thanks to its 120dB wide dynamic range, which allows it to operate in colour down to 0.0255 lux and down to 0.005 lux. Built-in noise reduction further enhances the image quality and the 2.8mm lens offers a 114º field of view making it perfect as a forward facing camera to capture details such as vehicle registration plates and road signs.

With a strong aluminium housing, body dimensions are just 31mm² and weighing less than 100 grams, the camera is easily mounted on a vehicle windscreen or roof lining.

Digital image encoding is available from H264 to H265+ for extremely high levels of quality in small file sizes. It also supports a range of protocols which of course include full compatibility with our Autoeye Xpert recorders and 3rd Party devices via ONVIF if required.


Typical applications include:
• Forward facing to capture multiple road lanes with extreme clarity
• Rear facing to record full detail of trailing traffic without obstructing the rear view
• Internal monitoring of passengers, driver, crew or goods in transit


• 1080P high definition output with 120dB wide dynamic range for high quality in wide ranging light conditions
• Compact design - unobtrusive and easy to install
• Standard POE network connection for data and power in a single cable

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