L52 LED Lamp

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£40.50 (Ex. VAT) £48.60 (Inc. VAT)

At only 9mm deep the L52 is one of the brightest and slimmest LED lamps to include a built-in LED driver!

Due to its size it has many versatile mounting options, it can be used in many places around the vehicle.

Sleek, stylish and quick to install, the L52 is designed with the latest LED and driver technology, it remains cool in operation after many hours of use. The current draw is almost negligible!

Single colour lamps have 6 LEDs per unit and are available as horizontal mount in Blue, Red and White with Amber available to order as well as a vertical version in Blue only.

Dual colour lamps have 12 LEDs per unit, are independantly switchable and are available as horizontal mount only in Blue/White, Blue/Red and Blue/Amber. Colours are split as shown below:

Horizontal Colours Available:

Vertical Colours Available:


Also available: Discreet smoked/tinted lens versions

Specification Dimensions Data Sheets Flash Patterns

• Supplied as a single light head with built-in driver
• 6 high power, super bright LEDs per single colour light head, 12 high power, super bright LEDs per dual colour light head
• Polycarbonate lens
• Low power consumption
• Cable length - 2m
• Weather and vibration resistant design for internal and external use
• Aluminium base for efficient heat dissipation
• Available in blue, red and white single colour horizontal, blue single colour vertical and blue/red or blue/white dual colour horizontal versions. Amber horizontal and vertical versions available to order.
• 4 built-in flash patterns
• Dual colour versions are independently switchable
• Multiple units can be linked to flash simultaneously or alternately
• Operating temperature -40ºC to +85ºC
• 12/24v operation
• ECE R65 Class 1 and 2, ECE R10 (e) approved
- Blue single colour ECE R65 Class 2
- Amber single colour ECE R65 Class 2
- Red single colour ECE R65 Class 1
- Dual colour ECE R65 Class 1
• All modules are ECE R10 compliant
• 3 year warranty

Flash Patterns

DOUBLE - Built-in
TRIPLE - Built-in
STEADY BURN 1 - External
STEADY BURN 2 - External

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