LED Panic Button

Product Code: AEX-ST-ACC-AB

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The LED Panic Button provides live status indication when used with AutoEye Xpert Pro Series DVR's.


•    LED indicators show live status of connected DVR
•    Large red button allows quick easy access
•    Button can create timeline markers, and initiate special functions

The AEX-ST-ACC-AB LED panic button can be used with Pro Series DVR’s to provide live status indication of the DVR functions, and provide an easy way to create video timeline markers and initiate special functions for emergency use. It connects to the DVR via an RS485 connection which provides power for the LED’s and data communications for the indicator and button functions.
The LED’s indicate power,  configurable sensor alarms, recording status, and error alarms.
The momentary push button is configurable and in its most basic state acts as a time/date marker for events on the recording timeline. It can also be used to initiate recording, create an alarm state, and initiate live streaming via a connected server.

The button is also available in an enhanced format as AEX-ST-ACC-493 which adds two additional LED’s for separate indications of audio and video recording for installations where visual alerts for conversation privacy are required.


Pro Series cloud based software, services and client applications for AutoEye Xpert video telematics

The Standby AutoEye Xpert Pro Series of digital video and telematics systems is supported by a range of user interfaces and data collection platforms.  For small deployments we provide a stand-alone PC desktop application which interfaces directly with the DVR storage media (USB, SD card, or desktop reader).

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