Magnetic Handset/Microphone Holder

Product Code: ACC-453

£41.34 (Ex. VAT) £49.61 (Inc. VAT)

Super strong magnetic base plate replaces conventional handset hang-up clip.

The Magnetic Handset/Mic Holder enhances safety by reducing driver distraction.

The sheer strength of integrated magnetic plate means that you only have to hold the handset near to the plate and it will ‘grab’ it and securely hold it in position. You don’t even need to take your eyes off the road!

Simply attach the base plate to the dash. A handset hanging clip is not required as our range of handsets have a full length steel plate in the rear meaning they have a large surface area for the magnet to latch on to.

•    Enhances driver safety
•    Replaces conventional dash mounted hang-up clips
•    Easy to install, easy to use
•    Durable construction
•    Super strong magnet
•    Supplied with adaptor for use with fist microphones (not for use with handsets)

Dimensions: 51mm (h) x 31mm (w) x 10mm (d)

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