Micro-Lite 4 Shield

Product Code: FWS-M4K

£7.13 (Ex. VAT) £8.56 (Inc. VAT)

Specifically designed for use with the Micro-Lite 4 LED module this shield is ideal for use on side windows for a discrete mounting option.

The very nature of 3D printing means that this shield can be produced at any angle to suit any location on request, making an extremely discrete yet effective hazard warning lighting option.

Prices shown are for one shield, bulk orders will reduce the cost significantly, please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

The Micro-Lite 4 is sold separately as a single item. Therefore you will need to order 1 Micro-Lite 4 LED module and 1 Micro-Lite 4 shield.


75mm x 38mm x 10mm

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