PON Forward Facing Camera with Audio

Product Code: AEX-ST-VMC-C2F

£96.32 (Ex. VAT) £115.58 (Inc. VAT)

The Standby RSG AEX-ST-VMC-C2F camera is designed for mounting on front or rear windscreens.

The 1080P high definition output signal uses a PON IP network connection for compatibility with our “Pro” series of DVR’s. It includes a high quality audio microphone which is specially tuned to focus on human speech whilst blocking out noise from engines etc. The high sensitivity camera sensor operates down to 0.05 lux without any additional lighting required, and with headlights this produces great colour images even at night. A standard 6-pin aviation connector ensures compatibility with our extensive range of PON camera extender cables. The camera can be used as a straight-forward CCTV imaging camera or can have its functionality extended via an AI add-on module which delivers enhanced ADAS functions such as bus-lane enforcement etc.


• Easily fixed to front or rear windscreen
• Shroud housing to reduce reflection from dash lights
• 1080P high definition with PON IP output
• Built-in microphone
• Connects to Pro Series DVR's and optionbal ADAS AI processor

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