Pro Series 6-pin Extension Cables

Product Code: AEX-ST-CAB-I1

£4.23 (Ex. VAT) £5.08 (Inc. VAT)

Pre-made 6-pin network or 'PON' extension cables.

We have a range of pre-made extension cables for extending connections on network or 'PON' cameras used with the AutoEye Xpert Pro Series.

Lengths range from 1 metre to 23 metres, and all feature moulded waterproof 6-pin connections for direct termination to the cameras and DVRs. These 6-pin connectors are more robust for the automotive environment than typical RJ45 connectors and facilitate reliable connection for our PON network cameras as they also feature a threaded shroud on the connector at each end.

Compatible with Autoye Xpert Pro and Standard range of mobile digital video recorders.


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