R0 Responder Series LED Lamps

Product Code: LRW-04AXC1-SU

R0 LED lamps are small compact 12v lamps with a chrome effect housing and are available in three different types.

Warning Lamp: 4 high power LEDs available in Amber, Blue, Red and White, this version has the ability to flash with one 'single flash' pattern.
Colours Available:

Illumination Lamp:
3 high power LEDs in White only, this version has no flashing capability.
Colours Available:

45º Illumination Lamp:
3 high power LEDs in White only set in to a 45º housing and so acts as a mini scene light with no flashing capability. Ideal for step lighting!
Colours Available:

Specification Dimensions Data Sheets

• Warning module is single flash or steady burn only
• Illumination modules do not have the ability to flash
• Supplied as a single light head
• Reverse polarity protection
• Weatherproof and vibration resistant
• 12v operation only
• USA SAE accredited
• 5 year warranty

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