Sensor IO and Serial Data Connector

Product Code: AEX-ST-ACC-M1AC

£7.41 (Ex. VAT) £8.89 (Inc. VAT)

Sensor IO and Serial Data Connector for use with M1 and X1 Pro Series DVR's


•    Sensor IO and serial data connections for M1 and X1 Pro Series DVR’s
•    Labeling on each wire for easy identification
•    Terminated tails to choose your own connection method (solder, crimp etc.)
•    Single multi-pin connection to DVR to support all peripheral expansion options

The Standby RSG AEX-ST-ACC-M1AC is a single connector with multiple breakout wires for termination of sensor IO and serial data feeds to the M1 and X1 Pro Series of DVR’s. The installer can choose their preferred method of termination by using solder, crimps or other methods on the individual tails. Each tail is individually labelled and colour coded making it easy to identify the required

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