Trail Blazer 2 LED Mini Lightbar & Digital Siren

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Magnetic Mount or NEW Vacuum Mount!

Re-introducing the much improved, best-selling, Trail Blazer portable mini lightbar with integral siren.

Unlike its predecessor which was a composite made up of two separate products the Trail Blazer 2 is a fully integrated, ergonomic unit that is lightweight and easy to install/remove.

The Trail Blazer 2 incorporates state-of-the-art LED's, digital siren technology and strong magnets/vacuum cups as well as being fully type approved to ECE R10 and DEKRA speed tested to 124 mph (200kph).

Siren Speaker
The integral multi-tone digital siren has a power rating of 60 watts, but has a dB sound rating equivalent to 80 watts (typically 109.9 dB @ 7 metres). Three siren tones - Yelp/Wail, Hi/Lo and Air Horn - are projected through an unobtrusive, low profile speaker positioned on the underside of the lightbar.

LED Light Heads
Super bright LED's including a Gatso module are set to the rear, front and corners of the lightbar creating a full 360º light output.

There are currently 2 models available, the Standard edition has all blue LED's including a Gatso to the rear with a blue lens, the Advanced edition includes front take downs and rear reds as well as a Gatso with a clear lens - see below for details.

Multi-Functional Switch Panel
The superior 5-way (standard) and 7-way (advanced) handset controllers offer reliable direct control of the lighting and siren features.

The illuminated handsets with a one-piece wipe clean keypad have multi-functional pre-programmed Start/Stop/Siren tone and 999 buttons, just like you would expect to find in a fully marked emergency services vehicle with functions including:
• 999 Button to immediately start Blue Lights and Siren
• Individual buttons to turn each function On and Off separately if required
• Best of all – a single multi-purpose Siren control button for all tone functions:
   - Single press - Starts Siren
   - Subsequent presses - Scrolls to next siren sound
   - Press and hold - Actives the Air Horn sound for extra punch
   - Double press - Stops the siren
In addition to this all buttons are dimly lit when the function is off, to aid night time use, and brightly lit when the function is on. Ideal for knowing what lights are on in day light conditions, ensuring the operator is always aware of activated functions.

Safety Lanyard
All models are supplied complete with an adjustable safety lanyard which prevents the lightbar from becoming detached from the vehicle in the event of a collision.

Carry Bag
Each unit is supplied with a custom made holdall to protect and store the lightbar when not in use.

Colours available:

Specification Dimensions Lightbar Options Data Sheets

Standard Features:
• 60w digital siren with a dB sound rating equivelant to 80 watts (typically 109.9 dB @ 7 metres)
• 3 siren tones; Yelp/Wail, Hi/Lo and Air Horn
• 1 built-in flash pattern - Double 2Hz Left/Right split
• Supplied with illuminated handset controller; Standard - 5 buttons, Advanced - 7 buttons
• Pre-programmed Start/Stop/Siren and and 999 buttons
• Illuminated buttons set at 50% brightness when idle, 100% brightness on activation
• 5 metre low profile power cable
• Super strong magnets or Vacuum Cups DEKRA speed tested to 124mph (200kph)
• Available with coloured lenses (standard version) or clear lenses (advanced version)
• UV stable polycarbonate lenses
• Integral moulded speaker to the underside
• Supplied with adjustable lanyard and heavy duty carry bag
• 12v operation
• Approximately 5.8 kilograms (magnetic), 5.0 kilograms (suction)
• 3 year warranty on lightbar only, integrated siren has a 12 month warranty
• ECE R10 (e) approved

Trail Blazer 2 (standard version)4 x blue 2-way LED modules to the front, 3 x blue 2-way LED modules to the rear including 1 x Gatso, 4 x blue 2-way corner LED modules. Blue lens

Trail Blazer 2+ (advanced version)4 x blue and 2 x white 2-way takedown LED modules to the front, 3 x blue 2-way LED modules including 1 x Gatso and 2 x red 2-way LED modules to the rear, 3 x 2-way LED modules to each end. Clear lens.

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