UltraSlim56 2x6

Product Code: LED-204-01

£6.99 (Ex. VAT) £8.39 (Inc. VAT)

The UltraSlim56 2x6 LED Lamp is available with 56 individual LEDs, comes in either Amber or Amber/Red and can be surface or inset mounted. The inset version is supplied with a rubber mounting bezel that allows the lamp to be inset into the vehicle bodywork. 

The unit is ideal for use in confined spaces, but be aware that as the unit is not e-approved it can only be legally used when the whole vehicle is subject to a relevant homologation approval process or in applications where formal approval for automotive use is not necessary, such as outside the E.U 

Available in:

Specification Dimensions
  • Multiple modules can be configured to flash simultaneously or alternately
  • A maximum of 16 built-in flash patterns
  • Available in Amber and Amber/Red
  • 12 volt operation

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