MCS-5E Universal Load Switch

Product Code: UNI-LDS-002

£80.23 (Ex. VAT) £96.28 (Inc. VAT)

A device that can expand the input and output functions of the MCS-32 Universal Controller Plus or use as a stand-alone device to control hazard warning lights or link with the MCS-SE Universal 100w Siren to create a basic hazard warning system

One application for the Universal Load Switch is to boost the inputs and outputs of a MCS-32 Universal Controller Plus.

The addition of a single Universal Load Switch increases outputs by 5 and inputs by potentially up to 7.

Up to 8 Universal Load Switches can be added increasing the maximum amount of outputs from 32 to 72 and inputs potentially from 24 to 80.

This device is also ideal as a control hub for basic blue and amber hazard warning lighting systems. When used in conjunction with a siren it provides a cost effective Emergency Services System. 

As well as having 4 operating modes depending upon the application required, it also has two CAN Bus ports to allow multiple units to be linked together and/or linkage to other devices such as switch panels and sirens with CAN Bus connections.

Specification Dimensions Data Sheets

4 Multi Functional Operating Modes
Simply selected via DIP switches to get:
Mode 1 - 5-way solid state relay pack
Mode 2 - Headlight flasher, run lock and single solid state relay
Mode 3 - Headlight flasher and 3 solid state relays
Mode 4 - Run lock and 3 solid state relays

Independently Settable Over Current Protection
• Each solid state relay channel can have it’s current limit independently set to 5, 10, 15 or 20 amps via DIP switches, ideal for load management applications
• Eliminates the need for external low current fusing per channel. Only a single high current fuse is required

Under voltage protection
• This feature can be enabled and disabled via a single DIP switch. When enabled, outputs are inhibited when the supply voltage drops below 12.1 volts

• 3 year manufacturers warranty

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