MCS-T8 Mini Handset

Product Code: UNI-MIN-XXX (8)

£99.33 (Ex. VAT) £119.20 (Inc. VAT)

The MCS-T8 is available as a 7-Way and 8-Way handset as standard but can be configured to a 4, 5 or 6-Way device if required.

Our standard Mini handset configuration consists of 8 small buttons or 7 buttons (six small and one double) with the appropriate legend and key colour, however, by combining 2 small buttons to make 1 large one the unit can have as few as 4 buttons if required.

Additionally any button can be programmed for use as PTT (Push To Talk) when activating the built-in microphone.

The unit can be mounted in a variety of ways for both overt and covert applications. This flexibility is achieved as the reverse of the handset has M4 threaded inserts for the addition of a microphone type clip and bracket or to facilitate permanent mounting. A flexible, removable, non-slip, protective rubber surround encases the unit resulting in a robust, hard wearing, professional switch solution.

MCS Handsets are produced to you own individual requirements. Configuration Specification Sheets can be found in tab below. If you don't see what you need please contact our dedicated sales team who will be happy to help.

Specification Dimensions Configuration Specification Sheets

Each button can be independently configured in terms of operation, legend designation and even back light colour, therefore it is the ideal interface for controlling a variety of vehicle based hazard warning systems including the MCS range of control systems.

• 8 or 7 buttons, the bottom two buttons join together to make one button that can have dual functions making a 7-Way handset
• Fully programmable at source and/or by customer
• Each switch can have a multi-function 'HOT' key action depending on required function
• Small buttons can also have dual function increasing versatility
• Handset only, supplied with rubber surround and dashboard clip
• Can be dash mounted via M4 inserts on reverse or inset into dash via custom made aperture
• 3 stage back illumination - low brightness when OFF, high brightness when ON and both levels dimmed at night
• Button colours are defined by the LED back light, therefore they have no colour when the handset is 'Off'
• Built-in microphone
• Any switch can be programmed to act as PTT (push-to-talk) when used in conjunction with a PA (public address) system
• All configurations compatible with MCS-32, MCS-16, MCS-8, MCS Mini, Midi and Maxi Systems
• Adjacent buttons can be combined for dual functions and extra visual impact
• 3 year manufacturers warranty

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