Vega LED Lightbar

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£857.85 (Ex. VAT) £1,029.42 (Inc. VAT)

Introducing the Vega LED Lightbar.

The Vega Lightbar is a robust entry model with aluminum top and base. It has a low aerodynamic profile to reduce drag.

Powerful high intensity LEDs provide 360 degree light output.

Here we are featuring a fully populated 63" (1600mm) Amber lightbar which includes 4 corner, 7 front and 7 rear LED modules with amber polycarbonate lenses.

This lightbar is also available 1.3m in length as well as a 53cm mini lightbar. It is also available with blue lenses suitable for the Emergency Services market.

The Vega is approved according to ECE R65 Class 1 and has a variety of features including a scrolling director feature, alley lights and cruise function, depending on the length required. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

It is supplied complete with adjustable mounting feet and a 5 metre loom.

• Aerodynamic design that provides minimal air resistance and low noise in the compartment
• Built with high intensity light diodes
• Features such as position lights, indicators and traffic indicators
• Cruise function
• Easy to service
• 3 year warranty

Colours available:


The video below is courtesy of our French partners at

Specification Dimensions Data Sheets

Lens : Polycarbonate                            
Colour LEDs: Amber
Cable: 5m
Voltage: 10-30V
Consumption: Maximum 4.3A @13.5V @ 30A for less then 50ms
Length: 835mm, 1280mm & 1600mm
Height: 67mm
Width: 267mm
Weight: 1600mm - 15.4kg
Approvals: ECE R65 Class 1, ECE R10, EMC


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